How to draw a gay anime character

An animator and illustrator from India has shared a unique technique that teaches us how to draw characters who look gay.

A gay anime drawing technique, which has been described as “anime-inspired artistry” and “anthro-artistry,” is taught by animator Anupama Ram, a member of the Aikido Association of India.

Aikido teaches that all body parts of the body should be aligned and are in harmony with each other.

It’s one of the most widely used martial arts in India.

Ram, who is a teacher in the B.V. Bhuvanana Yoga School in Mumbai, said the technique involves drawing the face and body in the space between two lines, as if the lines were parallel to one another.

It allows for the drawing to be easily done on paper.

Ram said that drawing the figure on the paper was a natural reaction, and she began to do it while drawing her own drawings.

“The drawings have always been so simple, and I wanted to make it easier for people to learn and master this technique,” Ram said.

Ram’s technique teaches how to use the same line that you are drawing, even if it’s a different shape or angle, to create a subtle variation.

She also said the practice is very similar to what a Japanese artist like Shiro Mifune does.

The artist creates a more complicated drawing to achieve a more dramatic effect, and it is then passed on to other artists to create more complex and expressive drawings.

Ram taught a similar technique at the beginning of her career, and has since created a huge following in the drawing world.

Ram is a member in the Indian Aikikai Association of Japan (AIKAJ) as well as in the art school where she teaches.

She said she wanted to share her technique with the community so that other students could learn from her.

“My idea is to bring a very progressive attitude, and to inspire people to think differently,” Ram told ABC News.

“The students learn from each other, and also from their teachers, who also teach the techniques, as they are all doing the same thing.”

Ram said her technique has helped her students draw gay characters on paper, which she has done as well.

The techniques can also be used for a wide range of other purposes.

“There are many different ways to draw in various styles,” she said.

“You can use it for a portrait, a comic, a drawing on paper or even in a drawing room.”

The technique was first presented in a book called “Anime-Inspired Artistry” published by Aikikei.

The technique teaches that the two lines you draw should be parallel to each other and are not perpendicular, as a normal drawing would be.

“When you are trying to draw on paper you want to draw parallel to the line that the paper is made of,” Ram explained.

“It helps to draw the lines as if they are a parallel line.

The lines should be as clean as possible, and the shading should be subtle.”

Ram also said that the technique can be used to draw people, animals, or even objects on paper with an almost cartoonish quality.

“You can draw them as if you were painting a cartoon, but you can also make them look like animals or human beings,” she added.

The techniques also can be applied to the illustration of animals.

“Animals have different facial expressions,” Ram suggested.

“When drawing them you want them to have their expressions in different places on their body.”

Ram is hoping to expand her art school’s art offerings to include people who have a more advanced background in drawing, as well people who are not into drawing.