Anime coloring books for kids: Kids’ coloring pages

A group of young kids are making anime coloring books featuring their favorite anime characters.

The project, called “Anime Eyes,” was created by A-10 childrens book illustrator Yoko Hikigaya, who told the Japanese outlet Otakomu that the coloring books will be available for kids ages 5 to 11.

Hikigayashi is an animator who works on the Disney anime Beauty and the Beast, as well as her own works.

“I decided to make the coloring book for kids to enjoy as they read the manga, and also to learn how to draw with a brush and brush strokes,” she said.

The project is set to be launched in September, and Hikigai said that the project is also looking to be distributed in Japan.

She added that the books will contain “a lot of Japanese character information, and will contain a lot of drawings.”

“I have already created a series of color-coded pages with illustrations and text that will be distributed at the end of September,” she added.