‘Apollo’ Movie: The Evolution of a Species of Alien by Neil Gaiman, Stephen King, and Neil Simon

“Apollo” is an alien movie that features Neil Gaim, Stephen Spielberg, and Peter Jackson.

It has been a long time coming, and it’s coming with a bang! 

“Apollo,” directed by Neil Guillory, stars Kevin Spacey, Anthony Hopkins, Michael Cera, and Elizabeth Olsen.

It was released in the United States on October 15, 2018. 

“Neil Gaiman and Stephen King are known for their distinctive take on science fiction and fantasy, and this film presents a new interpretation of these themes.

The story of Apollo, which begins with the discovery of the moon, follows the story of two astronauts, John Young (Spacey) and Jim Lovell (King), as they discover a mysterious planet and its mysterious inhabitants.”

“The story follows them as they begin to question their beliefs and questions about the universe, including a mysterious and enigmatic being named “Gaiman,” who is seen as the ultimate authority on the subject matter.

They are aided by an enigmatic female astronaut named Ellen (Hugh Dancy) who comes into their lives at the beginning of the film, as she is shown to have a mysterious past.” 

“There are some truly interesting and compelling characters in the film.

The aliens and the astronauts are well drawn and the characters in this film are engaging.

The cast includes Anthony Hopkins as a scientist and Neil Gaimon as a former astronaut. 

Gaiman is an acclaimed science fiction author and film director.

The screenplay is by Stephen King and the cast includes Kevin Spaceys, Michael Keaton, Anthony Rapp, James Badge Dale, Katherine Waterston, and more.

The film is set to hit theaters on November 13, 2019.” Theaters: Disney•Pixar (October 15, 2019), Amazon Studios (November 13, 2021), FOX (December 10, 2021) (Source: Netflix) Gaim and King will be reprising their roles as Dr. Young and Jim, respectively, in the upcoming installment of the “Apocalypse Now” franchise.