What’s new in Big Anime?

Big anime, a genre of anime that has had its fair share of controversy in recent years, has finally been approved for a limited run of limited edition dolls, featuring the characters from the anime.

The dolls are part of a limited edition line of 3,000 dolls, each one featuring a different character from the Big Anime franchise, and the dolls come in a variety of sizes and colors.

They’ll be available starting March 1, 2018 at retailers like Toys R Us and Amazon.

The limited edition series of dolls, dubbed Big Anime Toy, were first released in 2018, with the dolls being made of polyester and are available in three different sizes: Large (5 inches tall), Medium (5.5 inches), and Small (4.5 to 5 inches).

The dolls come with a limited number of accessories, including a plush head, interchangeable hands, and a pair of hands with the Big Cat Eyes, which is a nod to the character Big Cat.

The dolls will be available at Toys R US and Amazon starting March 21.