When Disney Studios is planning to open an animal clinic in Orlando

Disney has confirmed it will open an Animal Clinic at its new Orlando-area theme park.

According to a Disney Parks Blog post by the company, the Animal Clinic will open in 2017 at Disney Springs.

“We have a number of guests coming to Disney Springs for the 2019-20 season, so we have a wide variety of animals to choose from,” a spokesperson said in the post.

“Animals and pets are always welcome at any of our parks.

Guests of all ages will be able to choose between several different types of animals.

Guests can also choose from our pet and wildlife exhibits.

We’re excited to share our Animal Clinic with guests as well as guests from other Disney parks.”

The announcement comes amid concerns that the park could be plagued by wild animal attacks that have been recorded over the years.

A report from the Orlando Sentinel in December 2016 claimed that at least five people had been killed by bears, cougars and wolves at the park.

In the report, an Orlando resident who declined to give her name told the newspaper she had seen a bear attack a child.

In November, a man who said he was visiting the park was shot and killed by a bear in a popular area near a playground.

“I heard something go boom,” the man said.

“I was looking over the railing, and there was a big bear that was running around in the bushes.

I didn’t think it was a bear, but it just kept on running and running.

I was scared, and I called 911.

The police came.”

The man said he and his wife ran to a nearby house and called 911, and the officers were able to take down the animal.

“It was a lot of blood.

They found it to be about a quarter of an inch long,” he told the Sentinel.

The report also claimed that two other people were shot and injured by a “wild animal” that had chased them down a tree while they were walking their dog.

“The two victims were treated at a local hospital for non-life threatening injuries,” the report said.

“A few people who were in the area said they heard some kind of sound or something and thought it was gunshots,” said Orlando Police Capt. Jeff Smith.

“At first, we thought it might be a child or a dog, but then we found that a bear had just jumped on top of the couple and attacked them.”

A representative for Disney declined to comment on the new animal clinic.

In a recent interview with Fox News, Disney Parks President Rob Luhn said the Animal House would feature “animals of all sizes and shapes.”

“We want our guests to have a fun and interactive experience that allows them to explore the park, see the parks newest attractions, and have a great time,” Luhn told the outlet.

“We want them to come in, enjoy themselves and get the most out of the experience.

Our Animal House will have an abundance of animals and live music and activities.”

Luhn added that Disney has “a big plan” to bring more animals to Orlando’s parks.

“That’s the big plan,” he said.