How to make a Parasyte-inspired skateboard

By Katie M. PylePublished Nov 08, 2018 09:06:57It’s been a while since we’ve seen a big anime skateboarding video, but Parasytes is still doing its thing.

The first video of the series, “Skateboard”, shows a skateboarder riding around on a giant dolly that’s attached to the back of the dolly.

While this skateboard has a pretty simple design, it’s really all about the skateboarding.

The skateboarders are trying to figure out how to build a giant robot that can climb mountains and get around on land, which the robot has no problem doing.

The first Parasyts was shown in Tokyo in August, and the latest trailer for the series shows it traveling around Tokyo and going to different locations around the city.

The trailer also showed that the skateboard was built by a young girl, which is pretty cute.

The trailer also revealed that Parasyes creator, Akihiro Takizawa, is actually a skateboarding fan and also grew up in Tokyo.

I’m sure the skateboards are awesome, but the girl in the trailer was definitely a girl.

If you’re looking for more skateboarding, check out this video from the Japanese animation studio Studio Pierrot.