How to tell whether a girl is cute or not: ‘Don’t worry about it’

Sad anime fans have long wondered what happens to the girls that get cut from the franchise after the first season.

That question was answered in the second season with a twist.

“The first season was really fun and so we didn’t really think about the girls being cut and we just kept going,” said actress Erika Griesbeck.

“But when we got into season two, we really did think about that and that was really important for us, and that’s why we wanted to keep the girls in the show.”

That is why the anime twists the cutscenes.

Griesberg said the producers asked her to bring back her favorite characters from the first two seasons.

“We had a lot of fun with that,” she said.

“It really was like having your favorite character come back and being able to watch that character come out of the closet, being able and knowing that she’s still cute and not being afraid to show that to her friends.”

She also said it was an honor to be part of the show’s story line.

“There are some pretty good characters in this show, so it’s really cool to be able to be in that,” Griesberger said.

The producers have been working with the animation company GungHo Studio to create the new animation style for season two.

The anime twist allows fans to experience the series as they would any other anime.

The series premiered on February 12, 2017 and ran for 10 episodes.