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Aussie anime nose artist OtakuRoo is known for creating an incredible range of anime nose sculptures and anime characters.

OtakuNoses has a number of new designs to check out, including a new statue of Otaku Natsumi and the first statue of Kaitai Otaku who plays the role of a ghostly girl. is also offering a range of new and unique designs.

Here are just a few:Otakosu – A spirit animal, this otaku is not a real one.

It has been brought to life by Otaku Otaku Roo, a student of the School of Anime and Manga.

It is very cute and very expressive.

The O-Sensei – An Otaku that has the power of the spirit animal.

Otakosuyu is very well-known in Japan and is known as a very popular figure for otaku and anime fans.

He is the mascot of Otako, an otaku club.

He also has the ability to summon a spirit animal called Tatsubo, and the other characters he plays with have the ability too.

Otsuki no Ose – The O-Senshi is the otaku of the house.

It has an extremely strong will, and is a very energetic and cute spirit animal to play with.

Otaki-sama – A very cute otaku who is the leader of Otaki Club.

He can be found in the Otaku Club, as a mascot.

Otei – A little girl with the ability of a spirit.

She is the daughter of Otasaka.

She is the head of the Otaki Group, and her mother is Otakatama, the head otaku.

Ai no Naka de – A young otaku with the power to summon spirits.

It was a little girl that the O-sensei was watching in the house when he was an adult, so he was very interested in her.

She was later adopted by the Otakas.

She has the abilities to summon her own spirit, as well as a powerful will, the ability as a spirit to speak, and she can summon the spirit of the animal.

Aigoo – A giant otaku that can create and summon the giant dog.

He has the strength to control the dogs.

Aizou – A character with a special ability that is able to create and use the spirits of people.

He often wears his mask with a sword.

Akiyo no Saku – The protagonist of the original anime series.

He had the ability for the spirit and the ability that he has in the anime to control spirits.

He became the main character after he lost his memory.

Aiki – A mysterious figure that has a powerful magical ability.

He was originally a member of the Black Knights, and later joined the Otasas.

Aika – The first otaku to become a member in OtakuSuki.

He went on a mission to investigate a mysterious man and ended up fighting with the otakas that was trying to take over Otaku Suki.

Aime no Iru – The main protagonist of Otako.

He lost his memories and became the Otazan, and became one of the main characters.

Aizen – A famous otaku, who has a very strong will and powerful spirit.

He could summon his own spirit.

Aisama no Uchuu – A main character of Otatsukis.

She was a main character in the original series.

Aishimo – The Otakan who had the power as the Spirit Animal, who can summon spirits from the living world.

She has the powers of both spirits and humans.

Akira – The otaku protagonist from the original Anime series.

He was the main protagonist after losing his memories, and he went on to become the Otako, and was the protagonist in the series after his memory was restored.

Aitaka – A student of Otakeya, who is one of Otazans’ main characters, and a member at Otakusu.

He has the magic power to create the spirit beast, and can summon it with his magic.

Aiya – The student of Osakeya who has the magical power of spirits.

She can use the magic of her spirits.

Akatsuki – The female main character from the Otayu series.

She had the magical ability to control and control the spirits.

Aikura – The male main character and the leader otaku in Otakumas, who was one of Osakes primary rivals.

He had the magic powers of the spirits, and had the capability of summoning a spirit from the world.

Aoki – A former otaku known as the “Majin-e-sama”, who is currently an otakus main character.

He is the current otaku leader, and wields the