When did you realise the real deal was Disney animated movies?

We asked the people who work in the animation industry for their reaction to the arrival of Disney animated films, and the answers were… well, different.1.

“I’d say it was ’87, 88 or 89.”

– Matt Breen (creator of Disney-animated films such as The Goonies)2.

“My favourite Disney movie was probably Frozen.”

– Mark Gough (creator, The Muppet Show)3.

“Disney’s animated films have always been the best of the Disney films, but the quality has improved significantly since I was a kid.”

– James Hightower (director of Disney’s Alice in Wonderland and Tangled)4.

“The original Frozen has the best soundtrack in the series, and I’m the only person who really likes it.”

– Tim Carless (creator)5.

“It’s a Disney movie, but it’s really not that different to any other Disney film.”

– Steve Oram (creator and co-writer of Disney classic Pinocchio)6.

“There’s something about Disney animation that’s just so original.”

– Paul Mottram (co-writer, Pixar films)7.

“Some of the animators that worked on the Disney movies are now Disney animators.”

– Craig Smedley (animator, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast)8.

“Even though Disney films have had a big impact on me, they are not the main attraction.”

– Nick Suttner (writer and co -creator of Toy Story)9.

“If I had to pick my favourite Disney film, I’d have to say Frozen, because it’s so great, but then I can’t really choose between The Little Mermaid or the Aladdin.”

– Tom Hiddleston (actor)10.

“Frozen is my favourite animated film, and it’s my favourite because I’ve never seen a Disney film before.

That is just amazing.”

– Daniel P. Hall (director)