4,000,000 iOS gamers, Android gamers will soon be on the same side

Posted September 07, 2018 17:15:13iOS and Android gamers have become increasingly entwined as part of the digital divide, with both platforms increasingly using social media platforms to promote their games.

That means that, with each platform adopting different tactics and platforms to bring in new users, the amount of online content being created is increasing.

For example, the number of people who have purchased an iOS game in the past week has more than doubled on both platforms, with over 1.4 million units sold on both devices.

That’s up from just over 1 million in the same period last year.

Meanwhile, Android has seen an equally significant jump in activity, with more than 3.3 million downloads of the Android app since the end of August, an increase of nearly 80% on the previous month.

That means the Android version of the popular Pokemon Go game is now available to players on iOS devices, as well as the iPhone app.

As with iOS, the mobile versions of the Pokemon Go games have had a strong following in both iOS and Android, as the apps have become popular among those who enjoy playing the game on their phones.

However, Android’s version of Pokemon Go is also gaining popularity, with almost a million downloads since the app was released on Android last week.

On top of that, the Pokémon Go app has also been downloaded on iOS by over 20 million users, which makes it one of the top download games on the iOS platform.

iphones and android, pokemon go, pokemon source Polygons article 4,020,000 iPhone gamers, 4,015,000 Android gamers are ready to fight back article Posted October 05, 2018 12:34:55The iOS version of Pokémon Go is still the top-selling game on the app store, with 2.3 billion downloads since it was launched on August 20.

But, that’s down from 4.4 billion downloads in the last quarter, which is the first time since the game was first launched on iOS that it has fallen back down to the same number of downloads.

According to NPD Group, the iPhone version ofPokémon Go has now become the most popular iOS app on the Apple App Store with more then 2.7 million downloads, up from 2.4 on the day before the game launched.

The Android version has also gained popularity, taking second place with 1.8 million downloads.

The game also continues to be a hot seller on Amazon, with the iPhone variant now sitting at number one, ahead of the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5S.

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