‘Naked Anime Girls’ star to appear in an adult-themed film

Posted October 10, 2018 04:25:46 “I have never been in a studio, so I’ve never really worked in a sex scene,” says actress Shizuka Suzuki, 27.

“I would love to be in a porn film.

That would be really cool, but I haven’t worked on a porn project in Japan yet.”

Suzuki’s acting career began with her debut role in the 1998 Japanese series “Naked Ai”.

But since then she’s been in two anime films, one of which was based on a manga, “Nude Ai” (1999), and the other a live-action film titled “Naughty Ai”.

She also appeared in a series of live-Action TV series, including “Nanakai” (2005), “Nanny Ai” or “Nana Ai” for the Japanese version of the US TV series “Gilmore Girls”.

The series, which featured the teenage Nana Ai and her sister, also featured the titular naked female characters of “Nudist” and “Naturist”.

In addition to the television series, Suzuki has appeared in two live-actors’ films: “Nakano no Aji” (1997) and “Ikoro na Natsu” (2000).

“I’m very happy I got the chance to do it [as a naked anime character] because I like it, so that’s really cool,” she says.

“It was a fun, fun experience, and I hope I can do something like that in the future.

I hope to be able to make something like this in the near future.”