How did you end up with glasses that make you look like an anime hooded big boobs?

Posted February 07, 2018 12:32:53I just started wearing glasses because I was having a bit of a panic attack about it.

I’m not quite sure how it started but I was really scared about my appearance, so I had them for about two weeks.

The first day, I tried them on.

They’re quite comfortable.

They fit, they don’t get in the way.

I can wear them all day long, and I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything.

It’s been really good for my anxiety.

My boyfriend and I are now getting married.

It means a lot to me, I have a new baby and it’s a really exciting time.

It also means it’s going to be much easier for me to get into the job market.

The biggest thing is that I can focus on the new baby.

If I go back to school, my job would be at risk.

But it’s been amazing, really, so it’s really good.

The other thing is, when I wore them, I was wearing glasses and my eyes were so blurry.

It wasn’t because I didn’t wear glasses.

I had the glasses.

My husband and I used to be like, “You need glasses.”

It was the first time I really felt like I was not being recognized.

My friends would always say to me: “Do you wear glasses?”

And I would say: “Yeah, I do.”

And then they’d ask me: [laughs] “Do they fit in?”

I would always think, “Well, no.”

I don´t think they would fit in, I’m just not quite used to it yet.

I would be like: “You know, I think I might like to try them on.”

They’re really comfortable.

I like the idea that it’s not just a question of, “Do I look good?”

The first time, I just went and got a pair of glasses, I thought, “I might look better with them.”

And I was like, you know, maybe I should wear them.

I still think they fit.

They look good, they fit well, they’re comfortable, they are flattering.

It has been great.

I think it’s just time to let go of that old idea that you have to wear glasses to get noticed.

They are comfortable.

You can wear a pair and have the whole world know that you’re OK.

It is kind of scary.

I am not a big fan of glasses for a while, but I just had a few glasses.

Now I am wearing them and it has definitely made me feel more comfortable.

It feels a bit different.

I wear them everyday, I can see my reflection in the mirror.

I feel more confident.

I was never so confident before.

You know, when you have anxiety, you just want to be invisible.

So, it’s nice to finally see it.

It helps me to be confident.

The glasses are just a part of the whole experience.

It makes me feel really comfortable, and it makes me see myself in a new light.

I love the idea of having a new face.

I really like the glasses because it brings out the beauty of myself in the most positive way.

It gives me a new confidence level, a new energy, a freshness.

It does not affect me at all, it just gives me something to look at.

I don`t have to look away from myself.