When the Japanese anime shows up on Hulu, there’s a catch

Over the weekend, a new streaming service debuted.

Hulu’s new Anime Tiddies service is a service that lets users watch shows from the Japanese animation community and is available in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, Turkey, Brazil, Argentina, Italy, China, and Argentina.

Hulu also has a Japanese version of the service.

Anime Tiddy is one of the most popular streaming services for anime in the world, with more than 3 billion total views.

The service launched in 2015, and now has more than 70 million subscribers.

Hulu recently released a teaser trailer for its new service, which features characters from shows like Cowboy Bebop, Attack on Titan, and Attack on Witches.

The trailer is available to watch in full below.

The anime service’s launch coincides with the release of two Japanese anime series, Cowboy Beebop and Attack On Witches.

Both of these shows were animated by the anime industry giants Studio Pierrot, which is owned by Sony Pictures Animation.

It’s not clear how much of a difference this new service has made, but it’s definitely a welcome addition to Hulu’s growing lineup of anime and manga streaming services.